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Turn Your Walls Into A Fully Writable Whiteboard Paint Wall

The perfect solution for every working environment.


Ideapaint is the first whiteboard paint ever invented way back in 2008. It literally transforms any wall into a fully writable whiteboard paint wall, giving you all the space you need to createconnect, and explore your big ideas.

Ideapaint has become the first high-performance and most trusted whiteboard formula on the market and even until today, it’s still the most durable whiteboard coating available.

Benefits of using Ideapaint (Whiteboard Paint)

  • A perfect solution to foster both creativity and collaboration in every working environment.
  • Great communication tools – allowing you and your employees to get together and unleash their talents.
  • Ideapaint comes in both colours – classic WHITE and versatile CLEAR.
  • Easily clean and erase everytime
  • Can also be applied on any coloured wall or smooth surfaces such as tables, pillars, doors, aluminium, wood, partition, or even gypsum board surface.
  • Can also be used as a projection screen. Applicable for short throw and tabletops projectors.
  • Environmentally compliant – Green Gard Gold Certified (Low VOC emissions, and is acceptable for use in schools and healthcare facilities).
  • Limited Warranty – 5 years limited warranty that guarantees that the paint will not peel, crack or turn yellowish. Writing and erasing performance are subject to Wall Tailor’s proper care and guidelines.
  • Ideapaint surface is ready to be used after 7 days from the date of installation.

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