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Premium Italian Interior And Exterior Paint

A leading Italian brand for decorative paints.

San Marco is a leading Italian leader offers a wide range of premium INTERIOR and EXTERIOR decorative paints. A product that gives your walls an ELEGANT, yet distinctively STYLISH surroundings to your home.

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Top 10 Most Popular Decorative Paints in Malaysia.

  1. Acrisyl Decora
  2. Cadoro
  3. Canalgrande
  4. Concrete Art
  5. Grassello
  6. Marcopolo
  7. Marmo Antico
  8. Rilievo
  9. Roxidan
  10. Velature

Acrisyl Decora

Arcylic-siloxane granite effect with Sparkling Crystals, Exterior Decorative Finish

Acrisyl Decora is a decorative paint for exterior use that has a typical looking of granite and natural stones, embellished with tiny little crystals embedded in the texture that create a spectacular effects according to the incidence of light.

Tools: Steel Trowel
No of coats: 1 – 2 coatings



Iridescent Effect, Interior Decorative Finish

Cadoro is a decorative finish for interiors with special iridescent effect, (showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles), creating a soft touch and with a silky appearance, and it’s just perfect for those who are looking for classic and contemporary atmospheres.



Glossy Spatula Effect with Sparkling Crystals, Interior Decorative Finish

Canalgrande is a decorative finish for interiors that gives a glossy spatula effect with sparkling crystals, perfect for those who are looking for unique contemporary surroundings.



Concrete Effect, Interior & Exterior Decorative Finish

Concrete_Art is a decorative finish for interiors and exteriors that enable a solid appearance of cement effect to the surroundings, capturing every details of the raw finishing. Perfectly suitable for those who wish to have a “warehouse look” or we called it as the “industrial chic style” for their living or commercial spaces.



Interior Decorative Finish

Grassello de calce is an ideal decorative finish for interior that understand the true meaning of simplicity, something that resembles extraordinary classic, refined, and timeless design. Perfectly for those who want something that is understated, simple and yet sophisticated for their homes and surroundings.



Unrefined Metallic Effect, Interior Decorative Finish

Marcopolo is a decorative finish for interiors with unrefined metallic effect. The composition of the paint is enriched with special pearlescent pigments, creating a slightly rough appearance which immediately catches our attention with an absolute chromatic contrasts according to the incidence of light.


Marmo Antico 

Mineral Coating with Travertine Marble Effect, Interior & Exterior Decorative Finish

Marmo Antico is a decorative finish for interiors and exteriors that resembles the traditional travertine marble.



Multi-shade effect, Interior Decorative

Roxidan is a highly decorative finish for interior with multi-shade effect. This product gives the wall a textured surface with a rich metallic sheen with a slightly oxidised rustic effect.



Rilievo is a base coat that is used to create an irregular textured undercoat with an antiqued effect for finishing and colouring with decorative products like VELATURE, PERLACEO, ABC RIFLESSI, CADORO, CADORO VELVET, MARCOPOLO, MARCOPOLO SABLÈ, and MARCOPOLO LUXURY.



Velature is a masonry preservative for both exterior and interior walls, that uses siloxanic polymers and some special additives which give the product excellent permeability, together with a high level of water repellency and excellent outdoor resistance.

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